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ABOUT plantasia

Contemporary Asian Inspiration 100% Plant Based

“Pan-Asian Plant Based” is the concept of this new space in the Roma neighborhood that offers dishes inspired by the flavors of the East and the generosity of nature. Japan, China, Thailand and Indonesia are the countries that give inspiration to this menu. We integrate iconic flavors from Southeast Asia into a 100% plant based kitchen.


Asian classics like Ramen, Pad Thai and sushi are revisited by chef Jonathan Acosta and Arturo Mizrahi in contemporary versions, using ingredients and elements from local cuisine. All this under the challenge of creating without products of animal origin. Desserts inspired by contemporary cuisine with touches of Asia, such as hazelnut and chocolate-filled wontons, taro sticky rice, yuzu sorbet are some of the delicacies to accompany the meal.


Plantasia also presents the first Botanical Bar in Mexico City with a 100% alcohol-free cocktail menu. integrating, natural juices, herbal teas, handmade quinas. Drinks fermented from kombucha, shrub, and coconut kefir, plus herbal potions with superfoods and spices from the Orient.

Plantasia seeks to be an Oasis in the middle of the city, a place to forget about stress, transporting us to distant lands, surrounded by a jungle of plants, low tables, armchairs, smells of natural incenses and touches of contemporary art.


Plantasia also has a store where you can buy a selection of products to cook at home with 100% plant-based ingredients.


Follow us on Instagram @plantasiacafe

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